Monsters (TV Series) (1988 - 1991)


Monsters was yet another TV series that followed the footprints laid down by The Twilight Zone. It also offered strange and bizarre stories with a twist in the end.


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Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
The Feverman The Face Stressed Environment
Holly's House Portrait of the Artist Murray's Monster
New York Honey A Bond of Silk Bug House
The Vampire Hunter Rerun Cellmates
My Zombie Lover Love Hurts Outpost
Where's the Rest of Me? The Farmer's Daughter The Hole
The Legacy The Jar Small Blessings
Sleeping Dragon The Demons A Shave and a Haircut, Two Bites
Pool Sharks Reaper The Young and the Headless
Pillow Talk The Mandrake Root The Waiting Game
Rouse Him Not Half as Old as Time Sin-Sop
Fools' Gold Museum Hearts A New Woman
Glim-Glim Habitat Malcolm
Parents from Space Bed and Boar Household Gods
The Mother Instinct Mr. Swlabr The Space Eaters
Their Divided Self Perchance to Dream The Waiting Room
Taps One Wolf's Family Leavings
The Match Game The Offering Desirable Alien
Rain Dance Far Below A Face for Radio
Cocoon Micro Minds Werewolf of Hollywood
All in a Day's Work Refugee Talk Nice to Me
Satan in the Suburbs The Gift Hostile Takeover
Mannequins of Horror The Bargain The Maker
La Strega The Family Man The Moving Finger