Welcome to 80's Horror Movies

Welcome to 80's Horror Movies!!


I have been a fan of horror movies since I can remember, but the horror movies I watched in the 80's seemed to stick in my mind the most. In an attempt to find the horror movies I watched as a child, I decided to make this website. During the process of researching movies to add to this site, I found a lot of movies that I had forgotten about, could not remember the name of, and 100s that I have never heard of. I hope that this site will help you find a lost 80's horror movie you may be looking for or discover something new.




I am trying to redesign the page so that it will be easier for me to update. The old site had over 1000 pages that I had a hard time keeping up. It's pretty hard to go through that many pages to find outdated youtube videos. I decided that since each page only featured cover art, a description, a video, pictures, and a link for buying said movie, I could condense them all to the alphabet they belong under for each year. This makes adding movies a whole lot easier (I already added 5 movies) and you don't have to click through 100 pages to see a few movies. Hopefully most of you will like this design, because I will probably stick with this.


Finding Classic Horror Movies


If you are looking for a classic movie, horror or not, you should first check out Movies Unlimited. They have a great selection of all types of movies. Many of them are harder to find movies. Clicking the link and purchasing a movie will also help out this page...



Social Media


Although I don't get to update as much as I would like, please check out my facebook page. There you will find many extras not found on the site. I also have a Twitter page that is an extension of what is posted on facebook. Links to both can be found at the top of the page. I am thinking about opening a new youtube page, but for now any videos I post will be on Dailymotion.